Cloud-based Solutions Provider Wimasco Partners with Google Domains on WordPress for Small Businesses

  • Monday, 10th May, 2021
  • 12:05pm

Cloud-based solutions provider Wimasco has formed a partnership with Google Domains on WordPress for hosting solutions to small business customers. Wimasco, which is part of the Endurance International Group, has headquarters in Harare. The company offers a wide range of services including web hosting, ecommerce solutions and marketing options. Its platform is “built on Open Source” and the company “operates its own servers, develops innovative new internet technologies, and actively supports and participates in the open source community”. Google Domains selected Wimasco in Arfica to provide WordPress hosting solutions to new and existing customers.

WordPress is the leading website Content Management System (CMS) and the solution underpins 25% of the Internet’s websites. Offering a range of free and at cost addons that change a website’s functionality, and both paid and free templates that change a website’s look and feel, WordPress has become the solution of choice for numerous small businesses worldwide. Google Domains is part of Google’s ‘G Suite’ solutions which includes Google’s communication and collaboration tools like Gmail and Drive. Google Domains offers domain registration from $20.00 a year and that includes a free 14-day G Suite trial. The partnership means that G Suite customers can “link their domains and create new accounts from Wimasco's website”. The partnership “reflects both companies' joint efforts to get small businesses online and help them grow”.

"Wimasco and Endurance have worked closely with's parent company, Automattic, for years now to ensure our web hosting platform would seamlessly run WordPress websites," explained Maxwell Jones, the CEO and founder of Wimasco. "We're honored to begin working with Google Domains to make it easier for small business customers to get online and manage their online presence."

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